Dolphin Swimming, magical Mauritius !

Dolphin swimming can be done all year round between 7h00 till 8h30. It is, for the nature lovers the most existing experience on the island. Early morning the dolphins will be seen playing in the Black River or Tamarin bay till around 10h30, they will then swim along the reef to the open sea where they will work as a team to harvest fish schools. Both the spinner and bottlenose dolphins can be observed.
The spinner dolphin is generally seen in large numbers of up to one hundred of them on the same spot, they like playing and are very active underwater, giving our clients a good hour of sport. Spinner dolphin will not exceed 80 kg and 8 feet in length, and it is common to see babies just other a feet long and probably weighing not more than a 3 kg.

The Bottlenose dolphin is known worldwide as being the most common of the dolphin species. In Mauritius they are smaller groups, between 2 to 15 species. Much bigger than the spinner they will weight between 150 kg to 650 kg and will reach up to 12 feet long. We find them also between early morning till around 11h30 but it may happen that we see them in the afternoon in the middle of the lagoon, in 1 .5 meter of crystal clear water. They are very quiet and much easier to swim with, it is common to have them swimming around you in the water.

You will never find the spinner and the bottlenose in the same spot, once the bottlenose arrives the whole group of spinner will leave the bay to the open sea, they will not share the same spot.

In winter, from May to October we operate the dolphin swimming from 7h00 till 8h30, but in summer, with an earlier sunrise you can request with us for an early departure at 6h00 till latest 8h30. The earlier you go the greater will be the experience, there will be no regret.

As from 8h30 we will not operate any dolphin swimming, first this is for your safety, after 8h30 there is a larger number of boats coming for the dolphin watching so the risk of an accident is real and then each time we will drop you in the water other boats will come close, chasing them away.