Drop Shot Fishing, the new fishing craze now in Mauritius

Drop shot has been proven countless times by thousands of anglers all over the World. Generally it is considered a finesse technique involving fairly light weights and small plastic baits.


On my point of view it is a combination of three types of fishing. Jigging, surfcasting and flyfishing.

jigging, as it also consist of finding drop offs, cliffs or wrecks, fishing from a still boat where you will enjoy the silence by switching off the engine and letting a weighed lure sink to the bottom and reel it back slowly in a jerking motion.

Surfcasting, as you will need to cast your bait as far as possible towards a school of fish when fishing on the fads (fish aggregate device) or simply away from the boat to reach the reef or a peak that you have located on your fishfinder.

Flyfishing as you will use very light equipment such as Daiwa Exceler 12 -35 grams and the reels Daiwa Exceler plus 3000 mounted with 30 pounds braided line connected to a 40 pounds mono fluorocarbon leader.

Drop shot is a good combination to the jigging because it is much more relaxing and does not necessitate intensive physical effort. After a good hour of jigging you will enjoy getting closer to the reef to take it easy at the drop shot, you will target smaller fish from one to thirty pounds but the fight might be as difficult and will most probably take more time to catch!